Established in 1938, MPW is one of the oldest and most respected construction plumbing businesses in Southern Africa. We offer our clients a genuine turnkey solution; from design and installation to the repair and maintenance of all domestic and commercial plumbing systems, we take care of all your plumbing needs.

"Being a professional and dependable brand is something we are passionate about."

Watch our video to see how prefabricated plumbing frames can save time and money on your commercial plumbing installations.

When installing traditional plumbing systems, you need to build the walls, then break sections of them down to install pipes, and then build the broken sections again.

With prefabricated plumbing, the frames with the pipes in are added to the structure while you build, saving you time and money.

We build the frames offsite at our own workshop where we can test every component and assure quality.

Benefits Of Prefabricated Plumbing
  • It’s 7 times faster so you save up to 65% on installation time.
  • Fewer workers on site: making risk assessment and access control easier.
  • Save time by essentially doing two phases of construction at the same time at different locations.
  • Builders can build around the frames, rather than the traditional break-and-build method.
  • We pressure test the system offsite before dispatch.