MPW is proud to be a pioneer in our field, and is the first company in South Africa to design and construct prefabricated steel plumbing frames. Our custom-built factory utilises the latest in international technology in order to create engineer-approved in-wall frames. By coordinating with the architects throughout a project’s lifecycle we are able to create purpose-made plumbing frames that are fitted on site, allowing the construction team to then build around the frame as opposed to using the traditional ‘break and build’ model.

How we can help you:

  • All the necessary piping and fittings are built into the frame before installation, including hot and cold water reticulation systems and drainage systems.
  • Both the drainage and water systems are pressure tested and quality checked before dispatch, ensuring that any leaks or blockages are eliminated from the outset.
  • Installation on site simply involves bolting the frame to the floor and/or wall.
  • Our system not only saves on time and costs, but is also greener and more efficient than traditional methods.
  • Uniformity is created across each project.

Watch our video to see how prefabricated plumbing frames can save time and money on your commercial plumbing installations.

To find out more about our prefabrication services, please visit our Prefab Plumbing website.